Five Nights at Freddy's App Reviews

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Cooooooooool please release sister location

Ummm glitch

Is this just me or does Freddy only get in the hallway on 4/20 mode?

Why the volume

Scott pls fix the volume when I exit the game and I come back in the volume starts being low


Thaïs game is a very good game , best horror game ever!

Head phone users

This hurts my ears


It is one of the scariest games I ever played on the fifth night I Crapped Myself

Action With boring and Exciting news!!!!

Yeh know I remember when this game first came out and I think that the first game is still the best. Then next three are crap. They are almost just remakes of the first one. I am now just waiting until the FNAF movie comes out now.

Great game!

I love the FNAF series! I have all the songs and some of the toys. I love the game that started it all! I cant get past Night 2 cause I keep running out of power at 4 or 5 am right when it changes. Cant wait for Sister Location!

So.... Freeking.... Scary!

It made me shiver for the rest of the day! Buy this game. It will make you get over your fears and scare you to death!


The sound is not working for IPad Air

Fell out of my chair

When I flipped down the cameras Bonnie just came right in front of my face I literally fell out of my chair great game

The lore

This game has brought interest and appeal to many gamers who have played throughout this series. Thank you for making a game that has brought fear, joy, and mystery to all of your fans. Bring us the same for sister location

Not that scary

The jump scares get old really quick compared to other horror games this is just kinda lame hey mad little kids go play amnesia for a real horror experience btw its on a computer on a thing called steam.

Best horror game Ive ever played

I am only on night 1 and Im scared to my toes

Not scary yet fun

Well fun challenging but scary not at all!!

A riveting series

Since game 1, the FNAF series has been great. Amazing storyline. This game was great to play on the phone.

Awesome game!!

Its better then fnaf 3 and 4 I also like it more then slender man. For my opinion I like fnaf 2 more. But this game is very creative and fun

I just crapped my pants

Im in night one and already scared for my virtual life. Time to watch some children cartoons

Great, but hard

This an incredible game, but Im stuck on night 3. This game isnt overly scary, but it is nerve-wrecking. I love the graphics, and the gameplay, but the game is too short and not worth 2.99. The game looks boring, but it truly isnt. I havent ran into any glitches yet, so thats a plus. Scott made an incredible, but challenging game. The characters arent super scary, (except Chica the chicken) but at least one of the characters is in your face when u die. Hopefully I will beat the game and play the next one. I recommend this to everyone who loves challenging gameplay.

Awesome game

If your a

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